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Meet Our Cello Teacher

Professor Pablo Bercellini

" I'm a cello professor and soloist, and also an orchestra musician. As a passionate teacher, the main goal in my 15 years of teaching has been to improve the quality of the learning experience of my students. Show them that it can be fun to find new ways to overcome old obstacles, and to understand the principles that govern cello technique, but especially that every effort we make in our practice is ultimately for enjoying the music we perform as much as the physical act of cello playing. I hope we can walk together some of this exciting journey! "
Pablo Bercellini.


Hochschule für Music, Carl Maria von Weber, Dresden, Germany.  Degree obtained: Vordiplom

Hochschule für Music, Hanns Eisler, Berlin, Germany.  Degree obtained: Diplom and Master in Cello.

Escuela superior de música "Juan Pedro Esnaola".

Degree obtained: Profesor de violoncello

Prof. Becellini teaches cello for all levels, from beginning to advanced.

Pablo Bercellini plays Dvorak.



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