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Music Student Testimonials at MusicTutorOnline


Testimonials at MusicTutorOnline from Music Students and Parents.

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Robert Boer
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What our students and parents from around the world say

Testimonials at MusicTutorOnline from Music Students and Parents.

—Karen Diers, 

Piano Student,


I am very glad that I have found Robert Boer on the internet! It is the end of an Odyssey to find the right teacher with whom I feel comfortable. From the first moment, I knew that his music school is the right place. A year before I met him, I tried to learn to play the piano with online video programs, but after a while, I saw that this leads to nowhere; then I started to try out teachers who work on those big platforms where you can learn everything, none of them convinced me, and then, one night, I saw by chance his website and thought: oh, this sounds special! And it is. Robert has all qualities a good teacher should have: the basic ones, as punctuality, friendliness, politeness, precision when he corrects something, as well as the higher ones as a fine sense to deal with different personalities, a supportive attitude towards the learner, humbleness, good concentration throughout the whole 60 minutes, a good portion of humour, but what I like the most is the feeling that one is not only a number in his list of students, but he really focuses on the special weaknesses and strengths of the individual, he seemed to be really interested in the improvements of each student. On the whole: I am looking forward to my lesson with him every week; it is an island of concentrated, focused work together, a bit like meditation, a special place in time, far away from the hustle and bustle, the superficiality of ordinary life. Thank you for this, Robert!

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