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Testimonial Belle

"Mr. Boer was my piano teacher for 4 years during my middle and high school years. During those years, I felt that I grew the most not only as a pianist but also as a musician. He introduced and taught me about famous pianists, composers, and important piano repertoire that later became very beneficial in my college and professional life. He fixed my technique at the piano and was able to ignite my passion to pursue classical piano as a career by guiding me to discover my own interpretations and creativity. I would not have my unique style of playing, or so-called my own “voice” at the piano if it wasn’t for Mr. Boer. I highly recommend him to any musician, not just pianists. Thank you for all your work with me, Mr. Boer"!

Belle Suwanpotipra

The University of Maryland, studying Doctoral of Musical Arts (DMA) in Piano

Teaching assistant/class piano coordinator

Testimonial Luis

“I was a student of Andrés Bercellini, for 4 years. During this period I felt always inspired, supported, and motivated to keep growing more and more. His way of teaching opened the way for me to get to where I am today. I sincerely recommend Mr. Bercellini as a teacher and as a person.”


Former student. Currently studying Bachelor of Music at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart.

Testimonial Adam & Aws

"We are gladly subscribing with MTO, our piano (Mr. Boer) and violin (Mrs. Wang) teachers are very supportive, using good communication tools, and provide high-quality lessons.

Mr. Ahmad. 

Father of Aws and Adam, ABRSM piano and violin students at MTO. 

Testimonial Tim Wang

Mr Boer is an amazing teacher and mentor. During the two years of my IB career, he has always been my constant support and inspiration. His lively class adopted a variety of materials, explaining musical ideas through recorded concerts, professional analysis, and a piece’s backstory. He led our discussion of music step-by-step – when facing grand concepts like polyphony or jazz chords, an improvised passage on the piano would quickly dissect complexities of music. I particularly liked the performance sessions, where Mr Boer would meet with each student individually to address concerns and demonstrate techniques. He is such a well-rounded musician that he’s proficient with nearly every student’s instrument. He could learn in minutes a piece I had struggled to practice for weeks, then teach me the ins-and-outs to master it. I have enjoyed every part of my music experience with Mr Boer, and always wanted the next class to come sooner.

Tim Wang

Former IBDP Music Student of Robert Boer at Dipont Education.

Currently studying at Cornell University

Testimonial Kim McDonald

“I’ve known Robert as a colleague for over 10 years. We both worked as music teachers at the same school in Bangkok, Thailand. As head of the music department, I have had the pleasure of working very closely with Robert, observe him in many lessons and attend his many performances. Robert is a very dedicated teacher and is willing to go the extra mile for his students. His lessons are very structured, with always high student engagement. He is extremely knowledgable, kind, understanding and supportive towards all his students. This encouraging, friendly and approachable style always tells me that he really loves what he is doing. Robert instills a love for music in his students, which results in his classes being very popular, and with high student participation. I would always hear from his students that they enjoy attending his lessons! Robert is a great musician and plays many instruments and it was a pleasure working together with him for so many years".

Kim McDonald

Former Head of the Music Department and colleague of Robert Boer.

Music Teacher at Ruamrudee International School, Bangkok, Thailand.

Testimonial Judye Byrum

Picture if you will a very tall (6.6) slender man and a fluffy 5.4 lady with their ankles tied together to participate in the 3-legged race. Picture as well the length of their legs and the width of their individual strides and you’ll have a perfect visual of how Robert Boer and Judye Byrum met for the 1st time. It was the Annual Ruamrudee International School’s Games Day and the year was 2006.


Both have remained close friends since that time even though they live many miles apart. I digress. Regardless of friendships and miles Robert has remained true to his musical talents. He left RIS in 2012 to take another music position in China. Since then he has been teaching and inspiring students wherever he goes. Robert not only encourages students who have never played an instrument regardless of age but continues to mentor older students who have gone on to play in Asian competitions, as a featured artist with the Bangkok Symphony and in front of Thai Royalty. One of the things I always admired about Robert was that no matter how many accolades his students accumulated, he never stole they’re thunder.


Robert’s possesses a wealth of musical knowledge, styles, techniques and shares this knowledge generously. He never settles for mediocrity . While at RIS Robert instituted a Jazz Band open to any student who wanted a challenge to learn a different kind of music. It was a huge success and as a result of the band’s success, they were asked to perform at school functions, mall events, and local festivals.


To keep things fresh and new Robert, would take both groups to a “camp” within Thailand . During the camp, kids had time to practice, learn new musical pieces,  relax and get individualized attention. But it wasn’t music 24/7. Robert always did something special for the students like teaching them to make s’mores over a grill, having a movie night or engaging in pool volleyball.


I could go on and on about our adventures and how our friendship has endured but what I really want to express is that Robert is a wonderful human being with a love of music that is unparalleled. Be assured that you are getting a quality music teacher with only your best interests as his goal.

Judye Byrum

Former colleague of Robert Boer and music camp chaperone at Ruamrudee International School, Bangkok, Thailand.

More Photos from Testimonial Judye Byrum

Band Camp in Beautiful Hua Hin, Thailand.

Band Camp in Beautiful Hua Hin, Thailand. In the Practice room.

Our final day at one of our many band camps.

Band Concert back at school.

Testimonial Lemon

"I am a Chinese IBDP learner. Mr. Boer was my high school music teacher. He was really nice and knowledgeable. Since I was in an IBDP curriculum, I was supposed to learn sufficient music theory and a general understanding of world music history. Mr. Boer offered structured lecturers and interactive activities for us to get a more straightforward and more comprehensive understanding. For an international student like me, I was not familiar with the western composer’s life story, he used PPT presentations to highlight their contributions to the overall music history and made our tests easier. What’s more, I was also learning music composition. He offered great help during the process of composition. I often faced difficulties in using the software, Sibelius, and he often searched useful materials online and taught us how to be more skillful at composing. Overall, Mr. Boer is a really responsible and caring teacher".  


Former IBDP Music Student of Mr. Boer at Dipont Education, China.

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