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Robert Boer, Your Music Tutor

Bachelor's degree & Master's degree in Music from Top Music Colleges.

23 Years of Music Education Experience



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On-demand music tutoring support

You get a reply within 12 hours. Use the contact form or the instant chat at the bottom of your screen. It doesn't matter if you need help with a single problem or you need a multiple hour lesson.

Learn from a highly experienced music teacher

A highly qualified music tutor, graduated with a BA and MA in music from 2 top music colleges. 23 years of experience in music education.

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My lesson space features a virtual white board, audio/video chat, screen sharing, file sharing, midi piano keyboard, & so much more. All shared files, homework, assignments and grades are archieved for your convenience

Get help in a wide variety of music areas

Music Tutor Online offers help with your school music assignments and exams. With ABRSM & Trinity graded music exams. With music theory, music analysis & more. I am here to help you become a better musician.

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What my students say

"Mr. Boer fixed my technique at the piano and was able to ignite my passion to pursue classical piano as a career"

Belle, former student, currently studying Doctoral of Musical Arts in Piano at The University of Maryland.

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