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Timothy Braithwaite | Vocal Coach

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Timothy Braithwaite

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Timothy Braithwaite

"As a professional singer, I know how important it is to use your voice in a free and healthy way, and I aim through my friendly and approachable teaching methods to provide my students with the tools they need to become the best musicians they can be. I have experience both singing and teaching a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from jazz and more popular styles to medieval music and early opera, and I am passionate about educating flexible and informed musicians of all sorts. Having taught singers of all ages and abilities, I hope that my enthusiastic and easygoing approach to musical education can be infectious and that learning with me can be a fun and enjoyable experience for us both. I look forward to welcoming you as my student".

Timothy Braithwaite

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Every new student receives a free 20-30 minute intro. 

No obligation.


Master’s Degree in Early Music Theory.

The Royal Conservatory of Music, The Hague, The Netherlands. 

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Contract Student, Early Music Singing.
The Royal Conservatory of Music, The Hague, The Netherlands. 

singing lessons online

Bachelor’s Degree in Music. (2:1 hons)
Royal Holloway University of London, England.
with a special focus on solo vocal performance.

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Please contact us to check available times and dates. 

Course info

All lesson materials are carefully selected for each individual student.

  • Warmup material

  • Vocal exercises and studies 

  • Solo repertoire 

  • Sight-reading

  • Ear training

  • Ensemble skills

  • Solfège training

Musical styles, ranging from jazz and more popular styles to medieval music and early opera.

Available for all levels:

  • Beginning

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced. 


Solfège Training info

The ability to sing at sight is one of the most important, and perhaps most daunting skills required of a musician. Through a carefully structured program based on years of experience, I can prepare you for any exam or professional situation using a wide variety of different tools and methods. Having worked with musicians of all backgrounds, my easygoing and professional attitude towards teaching will provide you with the framework necessary to make singing at sight easy and enjoyable. I look forward to welcoming you as my student.

Timothy Braithwaite

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Timothy Braithwaite

Raised in the choir stalls of the English choral tradition, Tim Braithwaite fell in love with music-making at a very young age. Having finished his studies in London, Tim followed his passion to The Netherlands, where he currently enjoys a rich and varied musical career as both a teacher and performer, working with a number of top European ensembles as well as giving regular masterclasses at conservatoires both in The Netherlands and abroad. 

Mr. Braithwaite is currently teaching a compulsory, weekly course on the history of Western singing to students at The Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague which aims to give an overview of vocal practices between the ninth and twentieth centuries, primarily through practical exposure to primary sources. Class activities range from singing eighteenth-century solfeggi to the analysis of current debates within the semiology of neumatic notation, with a strong focus on the historical methods used for training singers.

As a visiting teacher and lecturer, Mr. Braithwaite is in demand at a number of top European conservatoires, working with students on a wide variety of issues relating to historical performance and theoretical issues. Recent engagements include the following:

  • December 2019: Visiting teacher at The Utrechts Conservatory of Music, in which I delivered a series of practical masterclasses on issues surrounding historical approaches to singing

  • March 2019: Visiting teacher on the interpretation of English song at Het Utrechts Conservatory of Music. 

  • January 2020: Guest lecturer and visiting teacher at the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen, working in particular with the singing students on approaching repertoire before 1650.

  • March 2020: Guest lecturer at The Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague on the performance of late sixteenth-century English polyphony, with a particular focus on recordings from the first part of the twentieth century.

  • April-June 2020: Guest lecturer at The Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague, leading a series of workshops exploring sixteenth-century modal theory with the lute class. This project focused mainly around the Pratum Musicum of Flemish lutenist Emanuel Adriaenssen, and his description of modal theory as it relates to the practice of intabulation and transposition.

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