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An overview of our pricing for online music lessons.

Pricing Overview

Music Lessons 1-on-1 Online

Free Intro

This is a great way to meet the teacher,
to ask all your questions,
and for us to assess your needs. 

Free of charge
20 minutes

No obligation

One-Hour Lesson

1-on-1 Online
Private Teacher/Tutor


We will match you with the right teacher and find the schedule that suits you.

Membership Lesson Packages

1-on-1 Online
Private Teacher/Tutor

Study longer for great prices

Pro | 5 one-hour lessons | 190 EUROS
Super Pro | 10 one-hour lessons | 350 EUROS
VIP | 15 one-hour lessons | 495 EUROS
Super VIP | 30 one-hour lessons | 900 EUROS

The following payment methods and cards are accepted:

  • At MusicTutorOnline, all payments go through our invoice system.  

  • We will email your invoice with a payment link to you.

  • You can conveniently pay through our online secure payment system right from the invoice.

  • All prices shown are inclusive of applicable taxes and VAT. No extra fees are collected.  

  • Our online payment system complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), the highest information security standard available.

  • SSL Secure Payment - Your information is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.

More information about the billing process and the high security of our online payment system.
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