Our Lesson Space

We use up to 3 cameras during our lessons to make sure you always have the best view.

Our system has the capability to record and store all lessons for your convenience, so that you can look back at your lessons if you desire so. If you want your lessons recorded, it will be stored in your private classroom environment after the lessons. 

We use a virtual whiteboard where the teachers and student can both write and draw & exchange files and images. A PDF of the virtual whiteboard will be placed in the online student environment after each lesson.  

We use a virtual classroom environment where all communication between students and teachers takes place. Assignments will be posted and turned in, materials will be stored, messages can be exchanged, lesson dates will be posted, and more. 

MTO has an app for your phone so that you can have access to all our services on the go. 

At MTO the online learning experience and progress of our students is our top priority. We will help you become better at music. 

To nurture a love for music, and to inspire achievement. 

Robert Boer.

Director of MTO