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Our Lesson Space

Video Calling

Stable and Secure Video Calling.


For each class, a new video call link will be created.


The video call links will always be sent to you one day before your class. 

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Video Calling
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Music Software

Beautiful music software enhances learning for Music Theory/Analysis, ear training, and piano classes. 

The combination of seeing which piano keys are pressed with the notation of notes on a staff, all in real time, is an incredible educational tool. Chord and scale analysis on screen, interval studies, ear training tools,  and piano pedal techniques can be explained in detail and shown live on screen.

Electronic Pencil drawing on screen can be watched in real-time.

Great to explain music theory concepts and to discuss, mark, and annotate scores. 


Camera View

Our teachers will always make sure that the camera setup provides you with the best view needed for your lessons.  

What can you do in this regard? Read an informative blog post highlighting things you can do at home to create a beautiful setup for your online music lessons. 

These matters will also be discussed during your free intro. 

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Educational Software

A virtual classroom environment can be created upon request by students holding a Membership Lesson Package. An excellent tool for having the following all together in one central place:

  1. Homework

  2. Digital lesson books

  3. Teachers Notes

  4. Student Notes

  5. PDF materials

  6. Video materials

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