Creating a Good Setup for Online Music Lessons

By Robert Boer, Director and Teacher of Piano and Music Theory @MusicTutorOnline

A few tips to help you make the most out of your online music education.


It is important for our teachers to be able to see you well. Our teachers need to check your hand position, posture, finger position, etc. Every teacher will always discuss this with you individually since each instrument has its own specific requirements. But there is something you can always do:

  • Make sure you are in a room with enough light.

  • Don't sit in front of bright lights or a window. It will be hard for your teacher to see you clearly with a bright light behind you. If you have to sit in front of a window it is best to close the curtains and turn on the lights.

  • If there is not enough daylight it is best to sit under lights or have light in front of you. (Not behind you)


If possible try to find a place in your home where you can enjoy your lesson undisturbed, away from distractions.


  • Be near a table to place your device on.

  • Use some books under your device if needed.

  • Have a solid music stand to place your device on is another excellent option.

  • A tripod for your phone or tablet is another great option worth exploring.


A (reasonable) fast and stable internet connection is important. Being as close to your WiFi router as possible helps in case your connection is troublesome. Connecting your computer directly to your router with an ethernet cable is an option worth exploring if your WiFi is unstable at times.


We recommend using headphones. Sometimes, when no headphones are used, there can be an echo. The sound coming out of the speakers, going back into the microphone, is what can cause that. In-ear or over-ear headphones are both ok. Please try it out, and use what you find most comfortable and works best for you. With headphones, your experience listening to your teacher play/sing and talk will dramatically improve.


If you like to go all out we can recommend investing in an external microphone. Especially recommended for more advanced players. There are excellent quality USB microphones available that are very easy to use. Just plug into the USB port of your computer and play. Also, external microphones improve the sound of your own playing dramatically when you record yourself. Recording yourself is one of the best educational tools where you can help yourself improve by listening to your own playing/singing.

We hope you enjoyed reading our tips and we always welcome any feedback and questions you may have. Please email us at

Robert Boer

Director, and Teacher of Piano & Music Theory @MusicTutorOnline



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