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Technology Tips for Online Music Lessons

By Robert Boer, Director of MusicTutorOnline.

Showing ethernet ports on the back of a wifi router.

Tips for the use of technology BEFORE and DURING your online music lessons.


It is helpful to restart your device before class.

  1. Flushes RAM

  2. Speeds up performance

  3. Stops memory leaks

  4. It resets the internet connection

Other recommendations to take into consideration before the start of your lessons

  1. Be as close to your WiFi router as possible.

  2. If you ever experience connection problems during your online music lessons, connect your device to your router using an ethernet cable.

Many outside factors influence WiFi connections, and even high-speed internet connections can lack the stability needed for video calling if external factors affect your WiFi signal. Therefore, we recommend using an ethernet cable connection. Depending on your device, it is possible that you need an adapter. For example, an "Ethernet - USB adapter" would be the most common. Your ethernet cable plugs into one end, and the other end goes into an available USB port on your device. Some devices already have an ethernet port, so in that case, only an ethernet cable would suffice. Lastly, there are different types of USB ports as well. If you are not sure what your computer uses, please check your computer manual or ask your local dealer for advice.

An ethernet cable.

Not often talked about, but essential, is that your internet speed consists of two types of speed: the download speed - (used in advertising by internet providers) and the upload speed. The upload speed is essential, as that is the speed used for video conferencing. You can check both speeds by doing a simple "internet speed test" and finding out if your upload speed is stable. The recommended minimum upload speed is 5Mbps. You can check your internet speed here:

WiFi slows down your speeds. A cabled ethernet connection is always faster and more reliable and can help give you the best possible online music learning experience.

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One final very important technology tip for your online music lessons is to close all applications you don't need during your music lesson's video conference call. Open applications that you don't use during the lesson can slow down your device or cause perhaps other minor problems.

If you, as our valued student at any time, have any questions regarding the use of tech, don't hesitate to contact us at

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Robert Boer

Director of MusicTutorOnline


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