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The Benefits of Online Music Learning

By Robert Boer, Director of MusicTutorOnline.

Teacher of Piano, Music Theory & Analysis.

Robert Boer from


How amazing is it that you get to learn and grow as a musician from the comfort of your own home?

Access to great music teachers

In some parts of the world, it might be hard to find a good music teacher. Now, through online music education, you can have access to great professional music teachers wherever in the world you are.

Saving on Travel Costs and Time.

Cars, busses, metros, need, not to mention the time you save by not having to travel.

More time to prepare for your lessons.

Since you don't have to travel to get to the music lessons you have more time to prepare. You can for instance warm up before the lesson starts. You can feel looser when it is time to show your progress to your teacher.

Benefits of learning music online at

The immediate effect of after-class practice.

Since you don't need to travel back home after your lessons, you can continue practicing immediately after the lesson and this can really benefit the learning process since all your teacher's instructions are still fresh in your mind.

You can record your music lessons.

You and your teacher can capture valuable moments that are important to your learning process and you can review those moments later in the week.

Benefits of learning music online at

Sharing of resources.

The sharing of resources is endless. Digital books, PDFs, exercises, videos, sheet music, etc. All this is super easy during online music lessons through the use of screen sharing, virtual classroom environments, chat function of the video call, cloud storage drive sharing, etc., all at a moment's notice.

Benefits of learning music online at


Screen sharing, different camera angles, video switchers that can seamlessly switch between different HDMI sources, instant electronic pencil drawing on tablet screens to explain music concepts or annotate PDFs, quality microphones, recording possibilities, and so much more... Thanks to current technology learning music online is exciting.

Have a look at our team of passionate music teachers behind MusicTutorOnline:

I look forward to the years ahead, as our wonderful music community grows. At MusicTutorOnline you will receive the personal and professional attention you deserve. Your music learning experience is our utmost priority!

We welcome suggestions and feedback at any time. Drop us an email at

Have a great day!

Robert Boer

Director of MusicTutorOnline



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