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Online Lessons 1-on-1

Elevate your conducting skills with personalized 1-on-1 lessons from our team of expert conductors at MusicTutorOnline. Master the art of leading an ensemble, refine your technique, and bring your musical vision to life. Embrace the conductor's podium from the comfort of your home – start your transformative journey today!

A pair of conductors hands holding a baton.

Meet Our Online Conducting Teachers

Kent Moussault - Conducting Lessons Online

This course is open to all people interested in the world of orchestral conducting. Some people will be interested in learning the craftsmanship and artistic side of conducting, and others will perhaps be more interested in leadership skills from the conductor’s perspective. It is best suited to people with some previous musical background to get the most out of our sessions. A basic knowledge of music theory is encouraged. For me, it is important to see what I can offer you as a tutor in the short and the long term since the learning curve is very different between people. Therefore, I would always make a custom study program to cater to every student’s needs to develop as a conductor/musician.

An image of our conducting teacher Kent Mousaault in action conducting.
Kent Moussault our online conducting teacher.

Lesson Information

Orchestral Conducting - Online Lessons


Basic conducting topics:

-conducting technique basics

-how to read an orchestral score basics

-how to learn an orchestral score effectively

-leadership skills for conductors

-leadership philosophy for conductors

-how to prepare a rehearsal basics

-analyze videos from conductors


Advanced conducting topics:

-conducting techniques advanced

-how to read an orchestral score advanced

-orchestration knowledge (basics)

-counterpoint (basics)

-rehearsal philosophy

-rehearsal psychology

-how to prepare a rehearsal basics (longer term)

-how to prepare for a conducting competition

-how to prepare for music college conducting entrance exam

-three ways of time managing to learn an orchestral score

-how to work with soloists/ solo singers

-how to work on opera

-how to prepare for a concert tour

-analyze videos from conductors

Kent Moussault


"Kent is without doubt the most interesting and talented Dutch conductor of his Generation"  V.Eschkenazy concertmaster, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra


Dutch-Japanese Conductor/composer Kent Moussault (1993) has over a decade of experience conducting professional orchestras all over the world.

Kent won the first prize at the Call for Conductors Budapest Competition 2023 and the first prize Young Conductors Award 2016 in Hilversum.


He conducted several orchestras, including The Hamburger Symphoniker (DE), the PHION- orchestra(NL), the Royal Scottish National Orchestra(UK), BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra(UK), the Noord Nederlands Orkest (NL), the London Symphony Orchestra(UK)and the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra(JP). He has been the assistant to conductors such as Otto Tausk, Jac van Steen, Junichi Hirokami, and Martyn Brabbins.

Kent conducted several opera productions such as “Carmen” by G.Bizet, “Radamisto” by G.F.Händel, “Le Villi” by G.Puccini, “All Rise” and “de Synode” by Graaff(both world premieres), and he conducted the Canary islands premiere of “Theodora” by G.F.Händel. Kent regularly works with contemporary composers and has conducted several world premieres.

In 2022, he founded MoussaultArts for his own work as a media composer. Kent studied conducting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague, and composition at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.


In 2016, he received the Wagner-scholarship of the Bayreuther Festspiele.

Kent received the scholarship from the Kersjesfonds, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and Mengelberg Foundation.


Since 2023, Kent is a regular guest lecturer for the subjects: “Orchestral Conducting” and “Orchestration for Media Composers” at the ArtEZ University of the Arts

Kent Moussault our online conducting teacher.

Levels - Ages - Pricing
Kent Moussault - Conducting Lessons Online 1-on-1

Conductors hands holding a baton.


Available Levels

  • Beginner. (with musical knowledge recommened)

  • Intermediate.

  • College prep.

  • Collegel level.


Available Ages

  • Children ages 15 upwards.

  • College Prep from age 17 upwards.

  • Adults all ages.



  • 60 Euros per hour (Not available with our Membership Lesson Packages)

Enrico Ferri - Conducting Lessons Online

Lesson Information

Conducting - Course Overview - Online Lessons 1-on-1

● All lesson materials and repertoire are carefully selected and tailored to each student’s needs and musical preferences, whether symphonic, wind band, choir, chamber, or film music conducting.

● Studies to expand and improve technical, expressive, communication, and music leadership skills.

● Body language, visual expression, and conducting psychology.

● Score analysis and reading (from the Classical period to contemporary repertoire)

● Body awareness at conducting, tension reduction, and injury prevention.

● Special focus on music storytelling and dramatic approaches.

Enrico Ferri our conducting teacher.
Our conducting teacher Enrico Ferri.

Enrico Ferri


Enrico Ferri is a composer and conductor based in The Netherlands,

internationally active in the field of classical, film, and theater music.

His oeuvre spans from solo instruments (Piano Sonata no. 1) and chamber music (Tales of Asimov for string octet) to large-scale works, such as Icelandic Waterfalls for symphonic orchestra. His works, commissioned, amongst others, by the South Netherlands Philharmonic and Kamerata Zuid, are regularly performed in the Netherlands, Italy, Estonia, Germany, and Switzerland.

He is credited in theatrical productions, such as the opera After the Flood and the play SOLDIERS, as well as in cinema; his score for the short film Meidagen earned him the award for ‘Best Music’ at the Veterans Film Festival 2020, Australia. He currently works as an assistant conductor at the New Pop Orchestra (Italy) and as a guest conductor in various ensembles, such as the Anemoi Wind Band, Sestetto Rosso, and Brabant Choir.

Levels - Ages - Pricing
Enrico Ferri - Conducting Lessons Online 1-on-1

Conductors hands holding a baton.


Available Levels

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

  • College prep


Available Ages

  • Children ages 15 upwards.

  • College Prep from age 15 upwards.

  • Adults all ages.

How it Works

1. Sign Up

  • Signing up is free and fast! 

  • All levels and ages are welcome.

  • Everyone receives a free intro.

2. Learn

Join us today to experience personalized guidance, interactive lessons, and supportive and professional teachers. 

MusicTutorOnline has a uniquely individual approach that supports the needs of every student. Your music learning experience is our utmost priority, and we look forward to providing you with an exciting musical journey. 

Robert Boer.

Founder and Director

A word of welcome from the Director. Robert Boer.
Why MusicTutorOnline? Invite customers to explore why studying music at MusicTutorOnline is excellent.

Founded in 2019

At MusicTutorOnline, we take pride in nurturing musical talent and helping our students achieve their dreams.

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