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Trombone Lessons at MusicTutorOnline

Meet the Teacher

We are pleased to announce that we have added trombone to our offerings.

A warm welcome to Maximilian Schollemann, our new trombone teacher! Maximilian (Max) hails from Germany. He obtained his Bachelor's Degree in trombone performance from The Robert Schumann University, Düsseldorf, Germany, and is currently pursuing his Master's Degree at the Cologne University of Music and Dance, Cologne, Germany.

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Maximilian Schollemann - Trombone Teacher at MusicTutorOnline


Maximilian Schollemann, born in 1998, comes from Olpe in North Rhine Westphalia and plays the Trombone and Bass-Trombone. At the age of ten, he began to learn the trombone and quickly became enthusiastic about the instrument and music itself. At a young age, he was the bass trombonist in the State Youth Orchestra of North Rhine Westphalia. During his bachelor studies in Dusseldorf, he played with different orchestras, including the Junge Norddeutsche Philharmonie and Orchestra Del Lyceum de La Habana. Since 2020, he has been a member of the Bayer Philharmoniker. Currently, he is studying for a Master of Music in Cologne, Germany.

Maximilian has gained much experience through master classes and lessons with trombonists like Stefan Schulz, Jörgen van Rijen, Henning Wiegräbe, and many more. He has taught students for several years in school groups as well as private lessons. In addition to music, he also teaches German online.


Online Trombone Lessons at MusicTutorOnline

  • All lesson materials are carefully selected based on each student's needs

  • Trombone exercises to improve your technique.

  • Warmup material.

  • Trombone compositions are carefully selected based on individual needs and levels.

  • Sight-reading.

ABRSM & TRINITY Graded Music Exams

  • ABRSM Practical Exams: Grades 1-8 & Diplomas

  • Trinity Practical Exams: Grade 1-8 & Diplomas​

Orchestral Trombone Excerpts | Audition Orchestral Trombone Support

  • Orchestral Repertoire Studies.

“For me, there is nothing more beautiful than to pass on my previously learned knowledge about music and trombone to other people from every country in the world. The student is always in the foreground to achieve his desire and goal. The language of music is the most breathtaking on earth; let’s speak it together. “ Maximilian Schollemann - Tenor and Bass Trombone Teacher at MusicTutorOnline

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