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New! Recorder at MusicTutorOnline

We are very pleased to welcome Juho Myllylä to our team of instrumental teachers!

Mr. Myllylä hails from Finland and lives currently in Amsterdam.

He is a professional recorder artist with a BA and MA in recorder performance from the Conservatory of Music Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Welcome Juho!

“In my teaching I try to help each and every student achieve their goals and ambitions in music, whilst discovering, listening, and staying true to their individual voice. I encourage the students to be proactive in their learning path, which includes coming with repertoire suggestions themselves if they wish and above all, being passionate about the music they’re playing - after all making music is about finding pleasure, enjoyment, being moved and able to move the listener.

The immense versatility and diversity of the recorder family and its repertoire is an endless source of inspiration, and it is my wish to share the many facets of this wonderful musical universe with you.”

Juho Myllylä

Juho Myllylä is a recorder player, guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He studied at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and works as a freelancer with the world-renowned renaissance recorder ensemble The Royal Wind Music since 2016. He is a founding member of Ugly Pug, an ensemble devoted to the performance of new music on “early” instruments - blockflutes, viola da gamba, and harpsichord - as well as Contactus, a musical collective showcasing a devotion for earlier repertoire – medieval and early renaissance music. With the Finnish Ensemble Gamut! Juho is in constant search for new ways to perform early music through the fusion of medieval and renaissance music, folk music, improvisation, and electronics. Juho has also performed solo at such venues as the prestigious Concertgebouw Amsterdam.

Winner of the Nordic and Baltic EAR-ly 2016 early music competition for soloists and ensembles, and of the International Van Wassenaer Competition 2019 with the ensemble Contactus, Juho strives for open-minded musicianship across styles and versatility regardless of imposed genre classifications. He feels passionate about earlier repertoire – medieval and renaissance music, yet is especially interested in the recorders’ countless possibilities in contemporary and new music and working with composers, with a steadily growing number of compositions written for and premiered by him. Jazz, fusion, rock, prog, experimental, electro-acoustic, and live electronic music are an integral part of his musical landscape. A particular mission of his is raising the professional standard of recorder playing in pop and jazz music, a topic he completed his master’s thesis on, continues to produce examples of high-quality artistic work of as well as envision the future views for the recorder in professional music education outside the classical tradition.

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