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A warm welcome to our new Euphonium Teacher.

Mrs. Bente Illevold is an international S.E. Shires company euphonium artist.

Welcome, Mrs. Illevold!

Bente Illevold comes from Rendalen, Østerdalen in Norway, and plays the euphonium. Over the past few years, she has left her mark as an innovative performer and has gained recognition for her performances of several new works for the instrument, both at home and abroad. She has a master’s degree from the Norwegian Academy of Music. Mrs. Illevold has several publications behind her name including methods for euphonium and tuba and euphonium arrangements. Her debut euphonium solo CD was published earlier this year.

Hear Bente Illevold play the Roccoco Variations for Euphonium and Piano.

EDUCATION of Bente Illevold

Master's degree in euphonium performance with thesis.  The Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway. ​

Bachelor of Music in euphonium performance.  The Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway.

Educational Diploma in Euphonium Teaching.  Barrat Due Institute of Music, Oslo, Norway.

Mrs. Illevold is available for 1-on-1 online euphonium lessons here at MusicTutorOnline. Contact us today.

Learn more about Mrs. Illevold at


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