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Double Bass Classes Online at MusicTutorOnline

We are so pleased to welcome Mr. Jorge Castro to our string instruments teachers team.

Mr. Castro is the principal double bass player of the Portugal Philharmonic Orchestra and very active in both the classical- and jazz music scene. He is currently teaching double bass at two conservatories of music in Portugal, and now available for 1-on-1 online classes here at MTO.

Welcome to our team, Mr. Castro!

The online Double Bass classes with Mr. Castro at MusicTutorOnline can help you with:

  • Preparing for orchestral auditions.

  • Orchestral excerpts studies. 

  • Solo playing repertoire. 

  • Preparation admission for bachelor's degrees.

  • Introduction level to jazz playing with bow and pizzicato. German or French bow.

  • Working on double bass technique for all levels.

  • Preparing for exams.

  • Studying double bass in general for all levels.

All levels welcome, from beginning to advanced.

Signup for online classes:


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