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Music Composition

1-on-1 Online Lessons
Apollonio Maiello: Composition Tutor

Classical Music Composition Teacher​ Online

Apollonio Maiello

"During my lessons, I help every single student to achieve their ideals in music. Whilst finding out where their passion in music composition lies, I mentor them in their creative journey by asking questions, analyzing their compositions, and, whenever necessary, diving deep into other composers' work. Together we discover the students' own individual voice. I encourage them to be proactive and engage in constructive and critical discussions about music composition and therefore getting closer to their goals one step at a time."

Apollonio Maiello


Every new student receives a free 20-30 minute intro. 
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Apollonio Maiello

Composer & pianist Apollonio Maiello juxtaposes aesthetic elements from a lot of genres. By collaborating with renowned artists both in music and the performing arts, he has appeared as a composer and pianist at festivals all around the world, such as the Felicja Blumenthal Festival in Tel Aviv (Israel), the Theaterhaus Stuttgart (Germany), the Muziekgebouw aan’t IJ (Netherlands), the Teatro Grande di Brescia (Italy), the Festival Barocco Alessandro Stradella (Italy), Stony Brook University New York (USA) and the Heidelberger Schlossfestspiele (Germany). As a composer, he has been commissioned by Ensemble Sentieri Selvaggi (IT), Quartetto Indaco (IT), Sputter Box (USA), the Greater Newburgh Symphony Orchestra (USA), Molot Ensemble (RUS), Intercontinental Ensemble (NL), ShoutHouse Ensemble (USA), Zemlinsky Chamber Orchestra (NL) and by the Pierrot Quartett (GER). He has been awarded prizes at the ‘’International symphonic composition competition Michal Kleofas Oginski 2020’’, ‘’Steinway&Sons Jazz-Piano Preis 2016 Stuttgart’’ & the ‘’Nationaler Yamaha Jazzklavier Wettbewerb 2017’’.


Course info

All lesson materials are carefully selected for each individual student.

  • Melodic Construction

  • Harmony

  • Form

  • Major Key Functionality

  • Minor Key Functionality

  • Chromaticism in Melodies

  • Two-Voice Counterpoint

  • Three voices and Chords

  • Four-Voice Counterpoint

  • Figured Bass

  • SATB

  • Diatonic Harmony to Form

  • Color Chords and Chromaticism


Conservatory of Music, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Degree obtained: Master's Degree in Composition.


Hochschule für Music und Darstellende Kunst, Stuttgart, Germany. 
Degree obtained: Bachelors Degree in Music Composition. 



Please contact us to check available times and dates. 


Classes can be taught in the following languages:


  • English

  • Italian

  • German



Sibelius Music Notation Software Monitor


Sibelius Music Notation

1-on-1 Online Lessons

Private Tutor: Apollonio Maiello

  • Do you need personal help with Sibelius Music Notation Software? We now offer 1-on-1 online lessons with a private teacher.

  • Get personal guidance, learn at your own speed, get to ask questions, and work with your tutor on specific assignments to help you master the many functions of Sibelius.

  • Designed to help you understand the many powerful features of Sibelius Software.

  • Sibelius is used by the world's top composers, arrangers, and publishers. Yet it is manageable for students of ages 12 and up to master all the basics. 

  • Each lesson will include an assignment to put the learned skills into practice.

  • Specific requests are welcome if you want to master only (a) certain function(s) of Sibelius. 

  • Highly recommendable for high school music students, college music students, composers, arrangers, and music professionals.  

  • Available for beginning up to advanced levels.

  • You can indicate your wishes in the dedicated field on our Student Sign-Up Form

  • Or email us at and we will help you get started. 

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