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Sound Design

Sound Design Teacher​ Online.
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Jaume Darbra, Sound Design Teacher

“I will help every student achieve their ambitions in music while listening, exploring, and building their individual voice.”  

Jaume Darbra

Sound Design Tutor

Jaume was born in a small village in Catalonia and grew up in the countryside. 

After high school, he moved to Barcelona for music; the idea won over his plans to study Psychology. A few years later, he was immersed in the rich world of Karnatic Rhythms and Live Electronics, which complemented his studies of Classical and Contemporary Performances around Europe.

Jaume Darbra holds a Master's Degree in Live Electronics from The Conservatory of Music Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Our sound design teacher

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Sound design lessons online 1-on-1

Basics of Recording

Course info

  • Editing/manipulating audio

  • Basics of recording

  • Audio synthesis

  • Plug-ins/filters

  • EQ/compression

  • Ableton Live

  • Making beats/electronic music production

  • Panning & spatialization 

  • SFX/Foley

  • Creative sound design

Available Levels

  • Beginning

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

Further info

Sound design is a multidimensional craft involving the intentional arrangement of auditory elements to elevate storytelling and emotional impact across various media platforms. Key elements include effects, music, dialogue, and Foley – the art of creating everyday sound effects to enhance realism. Through recording, editing, and synthesis, sound designers manipulate these elements to construct immersive sonic environments. Effects, ranging from footsteps to explosions, enhance the visual narrative by providing aural authenticity. Music contributes to mood and atmosphere, guiding the audience's emotions. Dialogue ensures clarity in storytelling, while Foley adds subtle, realistic details, reinforcing the believability of on-screen actions.

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