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Music Theory - Part 1




25 weeks


About the Course

In this online music theory class students learn the complete basic foundation of music theory. These include notation, symbols, names of notes, clefs, major and minor key signatures, scales, intervals, triads, and seventh chords. Students are introduced to the reading of simple scores and apply basic skills learned in class through discussion and analysis. Students are furthermore introduced to music elements through listening and class discussions. This class requires outside preparation in the completion of weekly assignments in order for students to master the skills necessary to continue in the Music Theory - Part 2.

Prerequisite: No previous knowledge needed.

This class is online.
Small Group: 4 persons max.

Your Instructor

Robert Boer

Robert Boer

Robert Boer is the Director of MusicTutorOnline and Teacher of Music Theory & Analysis and Piano. He has worked in music education around the world for the past 30 years. Robert holds a BA and MA in music from the Conservatory of Music in The Netherlands.

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