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Music Analysis - Mozart and Beethoven Piano Sonatas




10 weeks


About the Course

In this online class, we will concentrate on a few of the greatest piano sonatas ever written. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven were masters of different classical forms and both excelled in the piano sonata genre. Throughout this course we will analyse two piano sonatas from Mozart and two piano sonatas from Beethoven. We will focus on melody, harmony, rhythm, motives, themes, balance, overall structure, and so much more.

Prerequisite: It is recommended to have a good understanding of music theory. For instance having followed MusicTutorOnline's Music Theory Part 1 & 2 online courses.

This class is online.
Small Group: 4 Persons Max.

Your Instructor

Robert Boer

Robert Boer

Robert Boer is the Director of MusicTutorOnline and Teacher of Music Theory & Analysis and Piano. He has worked in music education around the world for the past 30 years. Robert holds a BA and MA in music from the Conservatory of Music in The Netherlands.

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