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Music Theory is Important.

Do you want to understand music and become a better musician?

Studying music theory helps with that.

Music Theory is an essential part of learning the fundaments of music and excelling at playing an instrument. Learning music theory sets students on the right path to understanding the music they play, how music is written, and how to interpret the music they play.

We can divide music theory into different levels, from beginning to college. Here at MusicTutorOnline, you can study it all!

From notation to meter, to scales and key signatures, to intervals and chords, to melodic construction, to chromaticism, to counterpoint, to diatonic and chromatic harmony, to form, and so much more. Studying music theory is fascinating!

Music Theory can be built into lessons or studied separately. Sometimes, there is so much to learn that many students opt to study music theory separately to grasp the content.

At MusicTutorOnline, we also offer Music Theory support for the ABRSM & Trinity Exams.

Part of Music Theory is also ear training / aural training. We offer complete courses at MusicTutoOnline following proven methods and build from more than two decades of music education experience.

Following an excellent progressive system is essential!

With the guidance and full personal support from a private expert, this becomes easier.

You can book a free consultation to find out what the possibilities are for you:

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Nov 20, 2021


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