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Music Exam Revision Tutoring Support

MusicTutorOnline offers music exam revision tutoring for IGCSE Music & A-Level Music.

  • Complete Exam Revision.

  • Full Personal Support.

  • 1-on-1 Online Sessions.

  • Online Group Sessions.

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The following will be covered:

  • Music Theory - broad - Music Elements

  • Music History - Western Classical Music

  • World Music

  • Popular Music

  • Music Analysis Skills

  • Music characteristics of the Western classical music eras.

  • Music characteristics of world music.

  • Music characteristics of popular music.

  • Listening skills.

  • Instruments within world music, popular music, and western classical music.

  • Instrumental playing & vocal techniques terminology.

  • Practice score reading while listening.

  • Analyze scores. The progressive approach is important. Music elements. Structure/form.

  • Analyze the set works in the tiniest detail.

  • Music elements focus. Learning to recognize them in music. Learning to describe them using appropriate terminology.

  • Music theory knowledge requirements as written in the syllabus.

  • Form/structure/genre in music.

  • Types of ensembles.

Check out more details on our program-specific web pages.

We offer full personal support through 1-on-1 online tutoring sessions.

Improve your grades with MusicTutorOnline.

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