Classical Piano

For all players, from beginning to advanced. 





A special piano learning program will be tailor-made for you, where you can indicate how fast you want to go. Recommended is weekly 1-hour lessons for approximately 1 year per level.

You see the standard programs below, however, adjustments can be made based on your individual requirements.

Beginning Classical Piano: ​

  • Pay monthly

  • €35 per lesson

Intermediate Classical Piano:

  • Pay monthly

  • €45 per lesson

Advanced Classical Piano:

  • Pay monthly

  • €55 per lesson


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Would you like to learn piano with a licensed, highly-skilled, and experienced teacher? It doesn't matter whether you want a few lessons to work on for instance exam pieces, or whether you want to take a course and study for a longer period. 


Our online piano learning environment uses a 3 camera setup. Camera 1 is on the face of the teacher, Camera 2 shows the hands of the teacher on the keyboard, Camera 3 shows a whiteboard used during the teaching. You can switch between cameras simply by clicking on the correlating fields on your computer screen. We also use a virtual whiteboard that includes a screen where both the teacher and student can write and draw, exchange files, photos and chat messages. 

We have up to 3 cameras setup during the lessons. Cameras are movable to ensure always the best view for you. 

Virtual whiteboard where both students and teacher can write and draw, share files and pictures. A pdf of the whiteboard will be placed in the students online classroom environment after each lesson. 

All lesson materials are carefully selected for each individual student and include the following:


  • Piano exercises to improve your technique.

  • Warmup material. 

  • Piano compositions carefully selected based on individual needs and levels.

  • Piano music theory.

  • Ear training.

  • Sight-reading


We offer 3 levels of difficulty:

  • Beginning

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced



1 year +


Introduction by your teacher


"Piano I have always loved. When I was 7 years old I started playing the piano and have played ever since. I have 20 years of experience teaching piano to all ages and all levels from beginning to advanced. I have helped countless of my students through music exams and prepare for college. My Master's degree is in Music Performance.


Robert Boer

Director of MTO. 


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