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Music Tutor Online offers online music theory classes for all levels, from beginning to college level.

You can study specific topics, a specific level, or take a complete music theory course.

  • The music theory courses are designed to help improve your music theory knowledge and understanding. When you sign up for music theory courses, you can be assured of total individual attention and focus. Each lesson involves an element of learning and theory and putting that theory into practice.

  • Music Theory knowledge is essential in playing music with understanding, in interpreting music scores and styles.

  • Specific music theory tutoring to go with The Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) graded Exam Syllabus is also available.

  • Specific music theory tutoring to go with Trinity Graded Music Exams from Trinity College London is also available.

  • Separate ear training courses are available.

  • All courses are hands-on and inquiry-based.

  • Lots of options available. Get in touch to find out more. 

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Robert Boer, your music theory teacher.

"Teaching Music Theory has been part of my music education career for over 23 years. It is safe to say that the theory of music holds no secrets for me anymore. 

Being able to make a student really deeply understand the subject matter is a gift teachers have. It can also be further developed by doing. Therefore, my 23 years of experience have given me countless opportunities to polish my craft.

I have experience teaching music theory to musicians from beginning to advanced levels. 

If you study music theory with MTO you don't only hear and see explanations, you will also be involved in the highest level of personal attention, you can ask questions, you will get to do activities that will help you understand the subject matter, and last but not least, you will learn to apply the learned knowledge to tasks musicians deal with on a daily basis. Your process of learning will be inquiry-based so that you are truly involved in your own learning process". 

Robert Boer

Music Theory Tutor

Director of MusicTutorOnline


Study privately 1-on-1 with a music theory expert.

All lesson materials will be provided and are included in the price.

Full personal guidance and support.

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Music Theory Course Content



This course will introduce students to the theory of music, providing them with the skills needed to read and write Western music notation. It also includes analysis and listening. It will cover topics such as pitches and clefs, rests, note values, time signatures, Flats, Sharps, steps, intervals, and enharmonic notes. This course covers the fundamentals of western music theory, the absolute basic concepts, and, as such, is the perfect course for beginners.



This course will introduce students to the theory of music, building on the knowledge learned from the beginning music theory course. Music analysis and ear training are also part of this course. It will cover topics such as Scales, Key Signatures, Chromatic, Circle of Fifths, Major and Minor Intervals, Syncopation, and basic harmony studies. This is a hands-on course with listening and basic music analysis exercises. Every lesson will include putting the learned theory into practice.



This course will build on the knowledge learned from the intermediate music theory course. Music analysis and ear training are also part of this course. This course will cover topics such as more advanced harmony, modes, cadences, harmonizing melodies, passing and neighboring tones, blues chord progression, the blues scale, basic forms of music. This is a hands-on course with listening and music analysis exercises. Every lesson will include putting the learned theory into practice.

Ear Training Tutor Online

  • MTO offers complete ear training courses.

  • Full personal support.

  • Progressive steps that build on your current level. All lessons are hands-on with full personal attention to detail.

  • All materials are provided and included in the lesson price.                


Melodic Sight-Reading

Melody Sing-back

Melodic Dictation


Rhythmic Sight-Reading

Rhythm Clap-back

Rhythmic Dictation

Rhythm Error Detection


Chord Identification

Chord Inversions

Chord Progressions


Scale identification


Interval Comparison

Interval Identification

Interval Singing

Online ABRSM Music Theory Tutoring


MTO offers music theory exam support for ABRSM grades 1 - 8 and diplomas.


ABRSM Music Theory focusses on the following:

  • knowledge of the notation of western music, including commonly used signs and terminology 

  • an understanding of fundamental musical elements such as intervals, keys, scales, and chords 

  • an ability to apply theoretical knowledge and understanding to score analysis 

  • skills in harmonic completion of extracts and melody writing           


Online Trinity Music Theory Tutoring


MTO offers music theory exam support for TRINITY grades 1 - 8 and diplomas.

The Trinity graded exams provide a comprehensive and incremental approach to the technical language of music. Theoretical musical knowledge enhances and supports the student’s practical studies. Having completed the 8 grades, the student should be well-equipped to apply the tools of music to take advantage of a wide variety of further and higher educational and creative opportunities, including progression to Trinity’s written diplomas.


College Level Music Theory Prep

Music Theory College Level Preparations 


MTO offers full support for students planning to take entrance exams at a college of music. 

This course is also excellent for those who would like to take their understanding of music theory a step further. 


All materials will be provided and are included in the lesson prices. 

  • Intervals

  • Chords

  • Time Signatures

  • Different Clefs 

  • Grouping of Notes and Rests

  • Key Signatures

  • Scales and Modes

  • Non-Chord Tones

  • Cadences

  • Secondary Dominants

  • Modulation

  • Borrowed Chords

  • Part Writing

  • Counterpoint

  • Analysis of Harmony

  • Harmonizing Melodies

  • Piano accompaniment Writing

  • String Quartet Writing

  • Figured bass

  • Rhythm Clapping

  • Solfège

  • Score Analysis

  • Ear Training

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