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Welcome to MusicTutorOnline's Online Ear Training Essentials!

These comprehensive lessons are designed to help you develop and refine your musical ear. They are technical in nature, offering a practical approach to improving one's ability to read, hear, and understand basic musical concepts. Through weekly classes, assignments, and exercises, you gradually cultivate a technique that enables you to listen to and learn music more efficiently and fluently.

For our online ear training lessons, we use professional microphones and audio processing equipment to provide students with the highest quality learning experience possible.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician looking to enhance your musical skills, these lessons will provide you with a solid foundation in ear training.

Ear Training Lessons 1-on-1 Online at MusicTutorOnline.


In our ear training lessons, we introduce a variety of fundamental concepts while setting you on the path toward mastery of skills required to achieve a high level of musicianship.


The goal of these highly interactive lessons is to help you achieve a deep understanding of sounds as they function in music. Upon successful completion, you will be fluent in treble and bass clefs, all diatonic intervals and triads, and will be able to perform rhythms in a variety of meters and subdivisions.


You will also gain experience with sight singing and dictation. In addition to studying the covered topics during class, you will need to prepare for weekly assignments outside of class that include performance-based exercises.

All lessons will be adjusted to your needs, skills, and level. 


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Ear Training Lessons 1-on-1 Online at MusicTutorOnline.
Lesson Objectives for online ear training lessons.


  1. Develop Pitch Recognition: Train your ear to identify and differentiate between different pitches and intervals, including melodic and harmonic intervals.

  2. Enhance Chord RecognitionLearn to recognize and identify different types of chords, including major, minor, augmented, diminished, and seventh chords.

  3. Master Melodic Dictation: Improve your ability to transcribe melodies by ear, helping you to develop your musical memory and internalize musical phrases.

  4. Improve Rhythmic Perception: Develop a strong sense of rhythm by identifying and notating various rhythmic patterns, including time signatures, note values, and rests.

  5. Deepen Harmonic Progression Awareness: Gain a deeper understanding of harmonic progressions by analyzing chord progressions and recognizing common harmonic patterns.

  6. Develop Relative Pitch Skills: Learn techniques to develop relative pitch, allowing you to identify intervals, chords, and progressions within the context of a musical key.

  7. Refine Sight-Singing Abilities: Enhance your sight-singing skills by practicing and applying your ear training knowledge to sing melodies accurately from sheet music.

  8. Apply Ear Training in Practical Contexts: Explore how to apply your ear training skills in real-life musical situations, such as composition and playing your instrument.




  • Weekly 1-on-1 online video conference lessons: Engage in lessons that cover each week's topic, taught by an experienced ear training expert who guides you privately.

  • We use professional microphones and audio processing equipment to provide you with the best online learning experience.

  • Interactive Exercises: Practice your listening skills through a variety of interactive exercises, including interval identification, chord recognition, melodic dictation, rhythmic exercises, and harmonic analysis.

  • Assignments: Complete weekly assignments that reinforce the concepts covered in the lessons and exercises. Receive personalized feedback from your private teacher to track your progress and address any challenges.

  • For your online ear training lessons, you need a pair of good-quality headphones and a computer with a stable internet connection. (Ethernet connection recommended)


  • Develop a keen musical ear, enabling you to recognize and identify musical elements with precision and accuracy.

  • Enhance your overall musicianship and musicality, allowing you to connect more deeply with the music you perform or listen to.

  • Improve your improvisation, composition, and sight-singing abilities through a strong foundation in ear training.

  • Sharpen your listening skills, which are valuable in any musical genre or instrument.

  • Gain confidence in transcribing music by ear, fostering creativity and musical expression.

Lesson Benefits for online ear training lessons at MusicTutorOnline.

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of musical discovery as you develop your ear and unlock the world of music in a whole new way. Take your musicianship to the next level with MusicTutorOnline's Online Ear Training Essentials Lessons.

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Robert Boer - Your Ear Training Teacher

"Teaching Music Theory, Analysis, and Ear Training have been part of my career in music education for over 30 years. 

Being able to make a student really deeply understand the subject matter is a gift teachers have. It can also be further developed by doing. Therefore, my 30 years of experience have given me countless opportunities to polish my craft. I have experience teaching musicians from beginning to advanced levels. 

Suppose you study ear training here at MTO; you don't only hear and see explanations, you will also be involved in the highest level of personal attention, you can ask questions, you will get to do activities that will help you understand the subject matter, and last but not least, you will learn to apply the learned knowledge to tasks musicians deal with on a daily basis. Your process of learning will be inquiry-based so that you are genuinely involved in your learning process". 

Robert Boer

Ear Training Teacher

Ear Training Teacher at MusicTutorOnline.


  • Study privately 1-on-1 online with our expert.

  • All lesson materials will be provided and are included in the price.

  • Full personal guidance and support.

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