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Rodrigo Checa | Violin Teacher

As a skilled musician, Mr. Rodrigo's extensive experiences lie in live orchestral and solo performances with already some of the finest orchestras in Europe. 

As a teacher, Mr. Rodrigo develops the creativity and awareness of the student, rather than imposing ideas, in order to let the student grow as both violinist and musician. As a teacher, Rodrigo balances technique and musicality, providing tools to the student to explore, improve, and enjoy his/her playing.


  • Bachelor's Degree Graduate of the Conservatory of Music Cordoba, Spain. 

  • Master's Degree Graduate of the Royal Academy of Music in London, England.


Coco Wang | Violin Teacher

As a skilled musician, Mrs. Coco's extensive experiences lie in live performance and song-writing for both classical and pop music.

As a teacher, Mrs. Coco is dedicated to helping each student develop an individual voice at their own pace; she focuses on developing an organic, resonant, and free sound through the release of physical and mental tension. Coco finds it especially rewarding to watch her students grow over time and believes that music lessons are essentially collaborations in storytelling and communication.


  • Bachelor's Degree Graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA.


Course Information

Violin Fundamentals
  • How to Tune the Violin?

  • How to Practice - Using a Metronome

  • How to Practice - Using Scales

  • How to Practice - Purposeful Practice

  • Intonation – Key Concepts for Playing in Tune

  • Posture - Standing & Sitting

  • Posture - Advanced Thoughts on Neck & Chin Hold

Beginner & Intermediate
  • Ear Training - Working with Intervals

  • Musical Groupings of Notes

  • Dynamics & Color

  • Bowing

  • String Crossing

  • Left Hand Articulation

  • Sound Quality

  • How to Play Octaves

  • How to Play Chords

  • Get to know more in-depth about advanced violin pieces from the great masters.

  • Orchestral excerpts

  • Sight-reading.

  • The important violin works.

  • Performance playing and its preparation.

  • Solid technique as a base for musicality.

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