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Music Tutor Online offers music analysis lessons for all levels, from beginning to college levels.

You can study specific topics, a specific level, or take a complete music analysis course.

Music analysis is incredibly fascinating. It can change the way you listen to music. It can elevate your appreciation of music. This course is highly recommendable for people who want to take their understanding of music to the next level. You need to have a basic understanding of music theory for this, although, that said, this course can be studied from beginning to advanced levels. The music analysis course focuses on the analysis of western classical music. You will learn to analyze elements like melody, rhythm, harmony, form, etc.


Music Tutor Online specializes in western classical music.

  • The level of difficulty can be adjusted to your needs.

  • All courses are hands-on and inquiry-based.

  • Lots of options available. Get in touch to find out more. 

music analysis lessons 1-on-1 online at
music analysis lessons 1-on-1 online at
music analysis lessons 1-on-1 online at

Robert Boer, your music analysis teacher.

"Teaching Music Theory and Analysis has been part of my music education career for over 23 years. It is safe to say that the theory of music holds no secrets for me anymore. 

Being able to make a student really deeply understand the subject matter is a gift teachers have. It can also be further developed by doing. Therefore, my 23 years of experience have given me countless opportunities to polish my craft.

I have experience teaching musicians from beginning to advanced levels. 

If you study music analysis with MTO you don't only hear and see explanations, you will also be involved in the highest level of personal attention, you can ask questions, you will get to do activities that will help you understand the subject matter, and last but not least, you will learn to apply the learned knowledge to tasks musicians deal with on a daily basis. Your process of learning will be inquiry-based so that you are truly involved in your own learning process". 

Robert Boer

Music Analysis Tutor

Director of MusicTutorOnline


Study privately 1-on-1 with a music analysis expert.

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Full personal guidance and support.

Every new student receives a free 20-30 minute intro. 

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