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IBDP Music Tutoring

1-on-1 Online Lessons

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IBDP Music Tutoring
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IBDP Music Tutoring at
IBDP Music Tutoring at
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When you sign up for IBDP Music Tutoring, you can be assured of total individual attention and focus. MusicTutorOnline offers DP tutoring support in all areas of music theory, composition, and performance so that you can achieve better results on your assessments. Your specific wishes are important here. Which aspect of the IBDP program do you need help with?


  • Composition

  • Listening

  • Music Analysis

  • Performance

Or a combination/all of the above?

To learn more about this unique tutoring service, schedule your free meeting today >

IBDP 1 (Grade 11 High School)
IBDP 2 (Grade 12 High School)



Mr. Robert Boer >

Robert Boer, Your IBDP Music Tutor

"Being able to make a student deeply understand the subject matter is a gift teachers have. It can also be further developed by doing. Therefore, my 30 years of experience in music education have given me countless opportunities to polish my craft.

If you study with me, you don't only hear and see explanations; you will also be involved in the highest level of personal attention. You can ask questions, and you will get to do activities that will help you understand the subject matter. Last but not least, you will learn to apply the learned knowledge to tasks musicians deal with on a daily basis. Your learning process will be inquiry-based so that you are genuinely involved in your own learning process". 

Robert Boer

IBDP Music Tutor

Director of MusicTutorOnline


  • Private Tutor 1-on-1 Online.

  • All lesson materials will be provided and are included in the price.

  • Complete personal guidance and support.

Pricing Info IBDP Music


Two available options:

  • Per Hour: € 50,= 

  • 10 Lessons: € 450,= (Includes 10% discount)

Every new student receives a free 20-30 minute intro. 
No obligation.

How it Works

1. Sign Up

Signing up is free. 
We will contact you within 12 hours. 

All levels and ages welcome!

2. Learn

Everyone receives a free intro. 
No obligation. 

Do you have questions?

Chat bubble at the bottom of your screen. 

Why Music Tutor Online?

1. Professional Teachers

We love sharing our passion for music with you. 
All our music teachers have degrees from top music colleges and are specialists in their field.  

2. Unique Personal Support

Full personal support throughout.
Your music learning experience is our utmost priority. 

3. Our Lesson Space

Stable and secure video calling.
Private virtual classroom.
Latest developments in online teaching software.

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