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Classical Guitar

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Malte Höfig: Classical Guitar Tutor

Classical Guitar Teacher​ Online

Malte Höfig

"Being fascinated with music, my interest is not only to play, feel, and live it but also to try to communicate the experiences I gained as a player and student. I feel great joy about all styles and époques of classical music, from the renaissance to modern compositions. Not only the performing aspect of music is of importance to me, but I am also highly interested in the theoretical aspect of music. The wonderful universe of art provides such an inspiration, it is a great pleasure for me to work with students and I look forward to welcoming you as my student soon".


Malte Höfig


Every new student receives a free 20-30 minute intro. 
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Malte Höfig Performs

"Malte Hofig is an excellent teacher --- always encouraging and positive, with a fantastic command of the intricacies of classical guitar music. I have been very fortunate to have had him as my teacher. Not only is he a great teacher but also a brilliant guitarist". 



Asif H Qureshi

Classical Guitar Student at MusicTutorOnline

Course info

All lesson materials are carefully selected for each individual student.

  • Classical Guitar exercises to improve your technique.

  • Warmup material. 

  • Classical guitar compositions are carefully selected based on individual needs and levels.

  • Ear training.

  • Sight-reading.

  • Orchestral Repertoire Studies.

  • Preparations for Trinity and ABRSM graded music exams. Classical Guitar Grade 1-8.

Available at all levels:

  • Beginning

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

Malte Höfig - Education

University Mozarteum Salzburg

Studied with Prof. Eliot Fisk.

Bachelor's Degree in Classical Guitar Performance.



Please contact us to check available times and dates. 


Classes can be taught in:


Malte Höfig

Malte Höfig was born in Ulm, Germany. His interest in music of all kinds and genres became apparent in early childhood. At six, he started taking classical guitar lessons with his longtime teacher, Oliver Woog, which continued until the beginning of his university studies. Meanwhile, Malte’s enthusiasm, especially for classical music grew and was confirmed by achievements in competitions, such as „Jugend Musiziert“, the decision to once be a professional musician became more and more definite. Currently, Malte studies under the tuition of Prof. Eliot Fisk at the renowned University Mozarteum in Salzburg. Besides, he gained experience in several masterclasses with J. Clerch, A. Pierri, M. Dylla, L. Kuropaczewsky, T. Hoppstock, S. Tennant, and others. Malte is supported by the program „Live Music Now“ of the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, in 2019 he was awarded the „Förderpreis Junge Ulmer Kunst“ by his hometown Ulm.

Since the guitar is an instrument that is extremely difficult to perform live on stage, a guitarist must face a lot of technical issues and problems. Therefore, a profound knowledge of the instrument is absolutely required. Starting with the very basic movements, we will work on fingerings of both left and right hand, sound quality, and technical control using exercises and studies from different stylistic periods. However, it is my personal concern to work on the music itself as much as possible. Depending on your current stage, style and interpretation will become more and more important in order to allow you to express yourself freely when playing for yourself or an audience. Moreover, the teaching of theoretical skills will contribute to an encompassing knowledge about music. 


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