Why use the Music Tutor Online Services?

Updated: Jan 16

1) You can get access to a teacher to whom you might otherwise never get access to in your area.

2) You get 100% personal attention and the professional and artistic guidance that you deserve.

3) Online tutoring is very convenient. You don't have to travel. Students who purchase MEMBERSHIPS @ MusicTutorOnline also get access to the MusicTutorOnline app. With the app you have everything within reach on the go.

4) You can record your lessons. You can easily stay organized because @MusicTutorOnline, at all times, you have access to your personal virtual classroom and to all lesson materials. You can also chat with other students in the app.

5) It is engaging and fun for both children and adults:

at MusicTutorOnline we use:

  • Professional education software that has virtual whiteboard (Jamboard) software, where writing and drawing in real-time can be viewed and shared.

  • Screen sharing will be used so that you can see the teacher's desktop.

  • Easy sharing of documents and photos.

  • Video conferencing and chat functions.

  • We use a professional microphone, HD camera, and super-fast 500Mbit/s internet speed.

  • We use classroom software which gives you access to your lessons, all shared documents, and a lesson bank.

6) Learning can take place in a comfortable environment that you create for yourself.