Our Lesson Space

An overview of what the lesson space at MusicTutorOnline looks like.

  1. Depending on the music subject or instrument, some of our lessons use multiple cameras to make sure you always have the best view possible.

  2. Our system has the capability to record all lessons if desired. This is an amazing tool! You will be able to watch your lessons again at a later date from anywhere.

  3. MTO has an app for your phone that helps you stay in touch, read blog posts, and chat on the go.

  4. Outside the lessons, our private classroom environment is where all communication between teacher and student takes place and lesson material files are stored. Your teacher posts your homework here, posts assignments, shares files, stores all class materials, and more. A great tool!

  5. All classes have the possibility to use a virtual whiteboard if needed.

  6. Our music theory/analysis classes use apple's sidecar software combined with iPad pro pencil handwriting recognition software to show the handwriting of your teacher directly on your screen through screen sharing. The pencil drawing software gives the teacher the ability to use music notation on staff paper right in front of you on your screen. The technology is amazing, you will feel that the teacher is right there next to you to help you understand the theory of music.

Online learning is amazing! The possibilities are endless!

At MTO we offer high-quality online music education, we love music, and your learning experience has our highest priority.


Music Tutor Online

MusicTutorOnline provides high quality 1-on-1 online music lessons for different instruments, music theory, ABRSM & Trinity exams, and more.


We offer instructions for all levels, from beginning to advanced. All our teachers have music degrees from top-level music colleges. 

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