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Meet our new Classical Guitar Teacher

Malte Höfig. Our new classical guitar teacher. A fantastic and promising musician.

Malte Höfig, Classical Guitar teacher at MTO.

"Being fascinated with music, my interest is not only to play, feel, and live it but also to try to communicate the experiences I gained as a player and student. I feel great joy about all styles and époques of classical music, from the renaissance to modern compositions. Not only the performing aspect of music is of importance to me, but I am also highly interested in the theoretical aspect of music. The wonderful universe of art provides such an inspiration, it is a great pleasure for me to work with students and I look forward to welcoming you as my student soon".

Malte Höfig

Mr. Höfig's Education:

University Mozarteum Salzburg, Austria. Studied with Prof. Eliot Fisk. Bachelor's Degree in Classical Guitar Performance.

Mr. Höfig has followed masterclasses with Alvaro Pierri, Joaquin Clerch, Scott Tennant, Lukasz Kuropaczewsky, Marcin Dylla, Tilman Hoppstock, Alfred Eickholt, & more.

Mr. Höfig teaches classical guitar for all levels, from beginning to advanced.

Video: "Malte Höfig plays Bach".

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