Meet our Music Composition Teacher/Tutor Daichi Hisada.

Updated: Jun 19

Daichi Hisada’s many-faceted composition style embraces classical music as well as modern music, including numerous arrangements of classical and popular music.

Mr. Daichi Hisada hails from Japan and currently resides in Germany.

He holds a Master's Degree in Music Composition from the Music Hochschule Münster in Germany, and a Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition from the Aichi University of the Arts, Nagakute, Japan.

Mr. Hisada's composition “Als ich meine Haare schneiden ließ” (When I got a haircut) won the special prize on the composition competition for the 50th anniversary of Nami- No-Kai, the foundation of the Japanese songs.

The Münstersche Zeitung praised his “Duo für Gitarre und kleine Trommel” as follow: ...Daichi Hisada’s (born 1991) “Duo” condensed tempo and dynamics to an apparent flirtation..., pauses seemed like a last breath, drum rolls like a racing heart. And brutal course-changes risked leaps and bounds across musical continents...

Daichi Hisada says:

"What comes to mind when thinking about a composition lesson?

Normally, everything that has to do with composition will be taught by me and studied. For example; harmony, counterpoint, form, order & oeuvres of the earlier composers, and more...

However, is that really enough?

What must still be done?

As I experienced, as a composition student or even as a composer, a composition student needs rather a “dialogue-partner”. The teacher is a first-person, who sees the ideas of his student — the lesson is something like a delicate moment, where we take a look at the initial ideas, and how the ideas started and can grow. During our dialogue, the student will receive an overview of new ideas, and in this way learn to find his own new way.

It is no problem at which level a student stands — the most important aspect of what we need for a composition lesson is simply the ”interest“!

I am so glad that I may guide and help you with your creative process"!

Daichi Hisada

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