The Art of Music Engraving

With Finale Music Notation Software

Teacher | Tutor: Daichi Hisada

1-on-1 Online Music Engraving Lessons

Daichi Hisada

Music Engraving Teacher - Tutor Online.

1-on-1 Online Music Engraving Lessons. 

Music Engraving, which might sometimes be forgotten, because we think: “with the computer will everything be easier”.

Is it really like that?

Of course, our tasks are a little bit less than at the time when people made sheet music purely by hand. However, we need still so many skills, experiences, and a sense of good “taste”.

My engraving lessons focus only on the know-how and aesthetic. We will always raise the question during our discussions, how can we "build" high-quality sheet music.

This course is neither for someone, who just wants to learn using Finale nor who wants to learn typing the notes more quickly.

However, I welcome all students — it doesn't matter which software you use —, as long as you would like to understand the art of the musical typography deeply.

Daichi Hisada

Music Engraving Teacher


Examples of Music Engraving by Daichi Hisada

Music Engraving Examples made by Daichi Hisada


Master's Degree in Music Composition

Music Hochschule Münster, Germany.

Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition.

Aichi University of the Arts, Nagakute, Japan.









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Course info

  • Use of Finale Music Notation Software

  • Aesthetics

  • Private discussion, advice, exchanging of ideas. 

There is no pre-requisite. 

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No obligation.


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