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Alessandro Giovanetto

"Good day, and welcome to my virtual space.

Are you an enthusiastic movie fan?

Are you a musician of any sort, that has always been drawn to the magical worlds that film music can create?

Are you sensitive to drama and resonate intensely when listening to a perfectly evocative piece of music?

If any of the above questions triggered some traits of your persona or the curiosity of your mind, then let me tell you that this space of mine holds the keys for a fantastic journey of discovery through the musical language of dramatic narrative.

Whether you are a passionate cinephile curious to learn the practices of what is referred to as film scoring in the industry or you are a musician/composer wishing to expand your craft into a different creative and challenging environment or whether you are an aspiring film composer eager to learn about everything required to make it professionally, then I can help you offering my knowledge and experience.

No matter what level you are at, we will embark on a wonderful cinematic journey of discovery that will enrich you and expand your awareness regarding your favorite movies.

You will be able to grow your knowledge and your skills in the field of composition and reach new possibilities."

Alessandro Giovanetto


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Royal College of Music, London, England. 

Currently Studying: Master's Degree in Composition for Screen


Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, London, England. 
Degrees obtained: Bmus in popular music performance + higher diploma in guitar.


Professional Experiences​

  • 2015 - 2018: assistant in composing for the screen for the award-winning composer Maurizio Malagnini.

  •  2017: Scoring of Short Movie by Marcello Gobbi “Crollo” accepted at River Film Festival, Padova, Italy – Piemonte Glocal Film Festival, Torino, Italy - Marbella Film Festival, Spain.

  • 2017: Scoring of investigation video by association “Essere Animali”, on Parma Ham.

  • 2018: Scoring of an advert for company Bloode accepted at the Aesthetica Film Festival 2018, London.

  •  2019: On stage composer and sound designer for the play "Interbeing" by the physical theatre company "2Theatre".

  • 2020: Music composition for the short film "A Portrait" by Carlotta Beck Peccoz, winner of Straight8 competition, which was screened online at Cannes Festival.

  • 2020: Participation of music composition for screen competition for Spitfire Audio and for Amazonia.


Please contact us to check available times and dates. 

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Course info

The course I propose is usually structured in blocks of 12 classes, with increasing difficulty according to the level you might be at. 

Some of these 12 classes will focus on improving and expanding theoretical knowledge, technical knowledge, aural skills, and overall creativity and musicianship in relation to picture.

The remaining time will be focussed on the actual composition and production of a piece of music in combination with a film.

Some of the topics explored in the course:

  1. Essential musical components related to composition. Form, Timbre, Dynamics, Melody, Rhythm. 

  2. Cinematic music genre study: Horror, Action, Fantasy, Drama, Documentary, Sci-Fi.

  3. Harmony: an in-depth study of harmony and the correlation between chords. Essential to be able to follow the drama and translate emotions and feelings in music.

  4. Development of musical ideas, concatenation of events, arranging and melodic construction (development of thematic material in relation to the movie)

  5. Music Technology and Production: essential for media composers, notation software, and music production software (Digital Audio Workstation), are industry standards in order to produce soundtracks.

  6. Sound Design: The ability to create new exciting sounds is one of the core elements to develop a unique voice. In conjunction with the right sampling tools offered by software companies, your level of production will increase significantly.

  7. Orchestration: Essential element to cinematic composing is the skill to identify different instruments and their unique colours in order to evoke a different feeling. The Orchestra, as well as synthesized sounds, will be one of the core elements of the course.

  8. Composition of a track of music over a movie, creation of an arrangement, its production, and the final process of mixing and mastering.

Alessandro Giovanetto

Composition for Screen | Film Music Composition

Why choose me as your film music composition instructor?

I have been studying composition for over 7 years, with particular emphasis on composition of music for media. In the same years, I worked on multiple projects and gathered a wide experience in recording, arranging, and composition practices. I am a passionate musician and I take the education of my students to high regard. I will do my best to bring forth your full potential.

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